A Look to Year 2050
Iaveta Taungaotetini Short
Feb 2009
“The changes in the first 800 years of life in the Cook Islands were so slow that they would hardly have been noticed … But the enormous changes that are likely to confront us over the next 40 years may be greater than the past hundreds of years.” Read more …

A Tarnished Inheritance
Kate Marina Ngatokorua
Feb 2009
“My name holds no importance to this story; yours wouldn’t either if you were telling the truth of how death and destruction came to your country.” Read more …

Introduced Trees on Atiu 1850-2050
Paiere Mokoroa
Feb 2009
“This paper is on the impact of foreign trees introduced and planted in Atiu … These include many trial projects on land use, mainly for agriculture and environmental purposes. Not many have succeeded in the long term. How can we do better in future?” Read more …

Mangaia 2050: Our Paradise Under the Sun
Anthony Whyte
Feb 2009
“I originally come from a long line of Irish migrants who travelled for a new life in Australia back in the 19th century, they had done it hard with drays and bullocks for transport and grinding out a meager existence.” Read more …


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