The Cook Islands

Cook Islands map

Where On Earth is the Cook Islands?
Cook Islands Government online
“The Cook Islands comprises 15 widely-dispersed islands in the South Pacific Ocean between French Polynesia and Fiji. The total land area of the country is 240 square kilometres, while the Cook Islands’ exclusive economic zone covers a maritime area of nearly 2 million square kilometres.”

Where in the world …
Cook Islands News online
“Fly due south from Hawaii for about six hours and you should reach the Cook Islands which are the mirror image of Hawaii south of the equator (in terms of position if not size). The fifteen islands and atolls form a sprinkling of land within two million square kilometres of the South Pacific Ocean. To the east Tahiti is about an hour’s flying away. Our nearest neighbours to the west are Samoa and Niue but with no direct air link it takes a lot of traveling to reach them, usually via New Zealand.”


  • Estimated population, 2007 – 19,000
  • Land area – 240 sq km
  • EEZ – 1.8 million sq. kms
  • Average rainfall – about 2,000 mm per year
  • Official languages – Cook Islands Maori and English
  • Religion – mainly Christian plus Baha’i and other
  • Main industries – tourism, fishing, pearls, offshore banking and agriculture
  • Per capita income – about US$7,000 per year.

(Source: National Sustainable Development Plan 2007-2010 issued by the PM’s Dept)


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